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Sup kids...Once upon a time there was a girl called Monique who was named after a race horse called 'Monique Miss', but whose name is more accurately pronounced as Mun-eek rather than Monique. Monique lived in 'Penriff' for most of her life until fate flipped her on her ass and landed her in Canberra. Despite the harsh climate, prolific drug use and her gradual loss of self respect (read: has become a great lover of trash-bag music such as Christina Aguilera), Monique is expecting to be in Canberra for quite a while yet, probably working as a public servant for the next thirty years before taking a nice holiday at the age of 47 to Brisbane... Choice.....
Monique enjoys hurling abuse at people who cannot respond to her, ie, she sits on the couch screaming at John Howard and Paris Hilton, but other than this quirk is quite normal and quiet. She works in childcare, is finishing a Bachelor of arts and may end up as an author or a massage therapist...no, not that kind of therapist despite my proximity to Fyshwick.